jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Have you seen any episode from this biting musical  comedy called  GLEE, which is quickly becoming a real pop-culture phenomenon?


1- Find out more about this TV series, especially this chapter and, if you dare, try to find what kind of Glee club member you would be: a nerd, a jock, a diva, a slacker...

2- Watch the videoclip of Lady Gaga's song " I was born this way", performed by the Glee club members. What's written on their shirts? Discuss why each member has a different word or phrase and what they mean.

3- Glee touches on some very big social issues ( homosexuality, bullying, disabled people...). How do they relate to real life?
Choose one of the posts and write a piece of advice for the person who wrote it. 
Try to be the best sensitive and undestanding agony aunt.


lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011


As the end of the school year is fast approaching, we need to make a final effort and remember all the verb tenses we have been studying so far.
Studying Reported Speech is perfect for this. Why don't you have a look at the powerpoint presentation and try a few exercises???

REPORTED SPEECH, by Elisabeth Weixlbaumer
Find this and other reported speech exercises in English Exercises .org